¡~Who's Been Looking At My Profile?

public - created 02/23/04
You know how many times someone has looked at your profile. Every time you log on you are presented with the number, both in total and since the last time you looked. But you cannot know who. Those are the rules, and they aren’t going to change. But you can’t help but wonder... “Who?... Who?... ~Who’s Been Looking At My Profile?”

You’re here because you were looking at someone ELSE’s profile, and you had the tenacity, the courage, or perhaps just the genuine strength of will to read all the way to the bottom, see this tribe... and click. And now you know the answer. You have to give in order to receive. You cannot force confessions from your viewers, but you can let your stalkee know who was looking at THEIR profile.

To join this tribe, you have to spill: Who did you follow here? Why, or how long you followed are optional.

And please honor the rules. Read them and you’ll see they make sense.

The Rules
1: THOU SHALT NOT PROMOTE THIS TRIBE. (Do i have to spell it out? This is ONLY for folks who prove themselves by reading through your lists to the very bottom and then click!)
2: No begging for clicks!
3: Nothing. There is no third thing. RSS Feed what is XML?

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